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Everyone can feel like an 'other' at some point when they are surrounded by people who are not like them, or if they just feel as though they are not like the others around them. This can be a subconscious feeling or be quite overt depending on the structure of where they are (power, perception, media, etc.)

We wanted to find a common story of how diversity issues affect us, and chose non-gendered characters so that the player could project their own assumptions and feelings onto the character. There is an interaction, and then a pause for reflection - inviting the player to think about their own assumptions and what might surprise them.

This is a very quick and dirty prototype to create the proof of concept - what could be done in a weekend jam with our very talented artist Sarah, our coder Sirani, and our hustler Louise. There are many suggestions and extensions to come and we thank our mentors for the food for thought!

You can find our github where the game is in development here: https://github.com/mcne65/EqualityGameJam


Gender Equality Game Jam - Storyboard (2).pptx 4 MB

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